Affiliate Tracking - Solved!




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    Reno Van Boven

    UPDATE 8:03AM:
    I am chatting to our developer team right now to see what is going on. Unfortunately the developer who worked on the GetResponse API integration has already gone home (it is 10pm there right now)

    But hopefully one of the others will be able to find the issue and fix it.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    Reno Van Boven

    UPDATE 8:36AM:

    Unfortunately we are unable to locate the issue still. The main developer is not available until 10-12 hours from now as it is 10:30PM there right now.
    Unfortunately the actual tracking is down. This is the first time in 13 months there is an actual issue with our tracking itself. No referrals are tracked, not even clicks so there is no way to recover that.
    I would advise to pause your traffic until further notice.
    Although we do our utmost best to ensure tracking up-time is above 99%, technological issues can always arrise. Whilst tracking is down, we will not be able to recover any loss of data. Please refer to the Yoonla™ affiliate terms clause 16.5 "You understand that the operation and/or use of the Links, Your site or the Site(s) may not be uninterrupted or error free, and may have errors or omissions. You agree that will not be liable for any interruptions or errors in using the Links."

    Full Yoonla™ affiliate terms can be found inside your affiliate dashboard or at
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    Reno Van Boven

    UPDATE Saturday 16 September 12:30PM:

    So apparently it was not a tracking issue at all but a server glitch that prevented processing of stats for both affiliate dashboard and affiliate admin.

    This had been fixed during the night and all statistics have been updated.

    There has been no loss of data, it was simply on hold updating the stats which has been fully processed now.

    Also the API integration of the Yoonla™ affiliate program with GetResponse has been fully updated to the latest version V3 and is out of BETA testing / fully operational.

    For instructions on how to set up, please refer to the Yoonla™ Support Community FAQ.

    Apologies for the hassle everyone! Traffic can continue like normal.

    Have a great weekend!



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