Quality First, not Quantity When Generating Referrals & Subscribers (And increase your revenue..)


Please watch this important video where I discuss the importance of quality, not quantity when it comes to building your email subscriber list and when generating referrals with the Yoonla™ referral program.

Generally, if your leads/referrals are of low quality it means that they are more likely to


1) The referral canceled their Yoonla account;

2) Unsubscribed from Yoonla™ database

3) Are fraudulent/bogus referrals

4) Duplicate referrals - It could be that they’ve signed up via someone else’s affiliate link in the past for example.

5) Unresponsive referrals (bounced emails, low email open rates, non-active).


As always, if you have any questions do let us know any time by submitting a ticket request.


Reno Van Boven
Founder of Yoonla™

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  • Greetings, I really have doubts how to work in this company, because I do not speak English very well
  • Eo também não falo inglês sou falo português y espanhol

  • English only please! We operate an English speaking platform ;)

  • I would like to know how much will be the minimum payment this month and what is the low quality

  •  Hi Reno!

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, so just let me know and I'll delete this right away.

    I have gotten the free custom setup for my account, so I was wondering how long will that be available for me to use - as I plan to learn a bit about affiliate marketing before buying the yahoo websites/getresponse etc.. 

    Thank you.
    p.s I'm from New Zealand too !! :) 

  • hello ,

    i need 2 no if i can make good money. ur video shows to be very not lose on the belt. new starter have doubts


  • This is the first thread where I could find where i could post. I see no options to :

    1. Post a new question? As i got an email that you no longer support email support.

    2. I had a hard time as Mac no longer supports filezilla. but i did get my files loaded. "your videos are great btw" helping.

    3. I got confirmation that you received my logins etc. But I also understand you are back logged. I paid for the yahoo and get response and just eager to get going.

    I have the VIP login, So hopefully you can address some of my questions :) 



  • For support requests, please submit a ticket by clicking on your profile at the top of the page and click “Submit a Request”.

    Do make sure you are logged in with the same email address as your Yoonla affiliate account as that is linked to your VIP account and will give you access to prioritized VIP support.

    Thank you.

  • I have no option to do that. Sorry 

  • @Jeffry: That is because you are not a VIP member yet. You’ve only claimed your custom set up yesterday, we will set this up for you and activate your VIP membership today. :)



  • See I am just impatient, my apologies. :) Just eager LOL 

  • So no popup network traffic Reno?

  • @Rodney: No we do not accept pop up traffic as stated in the affiliate terms.



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