Seeing a Lower Approval Rate of Referrals?


Hey everyone,

So the average approval rate of October referrals was 76%. Previous months this was slightly higher.

For some affiliates the approval rate of referrals was much higher, even some affiliates having 95% of referrals being approved.

However, there are also affiliates with a much lower approval rate.

Here's why: We are seeing an increasing amount of affiliates promoting only in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

They might be great countries to promote too, and affordable in terms of traffic, however, we are getting tons of new members referred to us from those countries that cannot understand, speak and/or read a word of English.

And having a whole bunch of affiliates promoting in Spanish, even having landing pages created in Spanish, might work to get someone to sign up and generate the lead referral commission for you, once they are inside the Yoonla™ members area they won't be doing much or anything at all since our training, instructions and materials are in English.

That means they will be hugely unresponsive and low quality for us.

My advise, promote in English only so that you will attract referrals that are able to understand English. Not only will this allow you to generate increased commissions of up to $25 per VIP referral, you will also see a much higher approval rate of leads.

The video below and inside your affiliate dashboard explains the importance of quality when generating subscribers and referrals which may help too.


Reno Van Boven


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