Why have my referrals/ commissions been declined?


Please note that we decline referrals for the following reasons:


1) The referral canceled their Yoonla account;

2) Unsubscribed from Yoonla™ database

3) Are fraudulent/bogus referrals

4) Duplicate referrals - It could be that they’ve signed up via someone else’s affiliate link in the past for example.

5) Unresponsive referrals (bounced emails, low email open rates, non-active).


This is outlined, in detail, in the Yoonla™ affiliate agreement which you can find either from within your Yoonla™ affiliate dashboard or by going to http://www.yoonla.com/affiliate-terms/

We recommend focussing on the quality not necessarily the quantity of your traffic. If you generate higher quality referrals, they are more likely to upgrade and they will also be a lot more profitable for you in the long run with any future promotions with us here at Yoonla™, or any other offer you may choose to promote. :) 

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